Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Only me and Allah.

The name of Allah,Most Greatest,Most Merciful.

I was not faithful Muslim not too long time a go. I'm too busy to have life and didn't care about Allah at all. Until one day, everything I ever love, everything that always above my head turned their back to me, and I'm suddenly alone. I got depressed, etc, but suddenly I found my way to Allah.

I cried every night (until today). I didn't read any special surrah, only tried to communicate with Allah in my own language. Cried my heart out while prostrating and asked nothing but the ease in my heart, because it is what I feel burdened the most, pain in the heart. I spent time by read and read and read, Al-Qur'an and any Islamic books I can found. I involved myself to many Islamic site and learned from people there. I do dzikir everywhere and everytime, leaving all materialistic life. No television, no movies, no romantic books, no world things, it is only me and Allah, and my searched to His place.

Alhamdullilah, Allah has answered my prayers. Allah made my pain erased, made my heart getting stronger everyday, and my personality changing very much. I become more patient, always smile and not easy to get angry, alhamdullilah.

I can't say all my problems already solved now, because it seem when one problem solved, new problem already waiting in the corner. But I'm strong now and I know who I am. I am belong to Allah. All I have is His and He only lend it to me, so no matter what I have to face, I should not worry too much, because Allah will company me in every steps I take in my life, InshaAllah :)
Jazakallahu Khairan Khatira:)

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