Friday, July 13, 2012

Luahan Hati 68 : Deen Over Dunya

In The Name of Allah

Welcome to the Dunya,
where things are not always what they seem
And your reality is more just like really long dream ,
More like a traveller
stopping for shade under a tree,
More like a commercial break and you are already
forgot what you watching ,
silly rabbit,every soul shall have
its taste of Death And to Allah you will be brought right back.:)

i get overjoyed when i see people around me changing,change
unconditionally into this beautiful Deen and i feel so proud of those took that step,
that one step that everybody fears.
dont get me wrong,im not far off and new at this too.
but to see that you have joined the crew,
how can i not be happy too?:D
i hope that Allah constantly give us the will and the Hidayah
to be a better person to his Deen.
May Allah gives His Hidayah to our friends who are still searching
for contentment and answer to his life..
Allahumma Ameen..:)

Ya Allah! i leave everythings up to you.While im know what i want,
only You know what i need .
You know whats the best for me and i trust that.
So Ya Allah , I ask you to grant me whats best for me and keep away
that which will not benefits to me.=')

Jazakallahu Khairan Khatira:)

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